And so we begin

As the historic first cheese I ever blog about, let’s start with Brillat Savarin. First off, this cheese is super moist. So much so that the hunk I bought was in a plastic container instead of being done up in shrink wrap. This is a cow’s milk, triple crème brie (single and double crème brie’s are for sucka’s) from France. I mentioned already that it was moist, but let me tell you about how gosh darn creamy, rich, and buttery it is. It’s got a natural rind, which is pretty much just a thin skin. This is a young cheese, aged only for a week or 2, so not too ripe.
My guess is it would be amazing spread on some crusty bread with a fruit preserve of some sort, but I ate it plain, right off the knife. I have to keep my fat kid roots alive. I did enjoy some Orange Blossom Ale with it though. The combo was great. The flowery and fruity taste from the beer and the creamy, buttery, and somewhat salty taste of the cheese. It was like a honeybee masturbating into a bucket of milk somewhere in the rolling hills of the French countryside.
I actually wish this stuff wasn’t so pricey, as I’d enjoy it more often, spread on everything like it’s the new cream cheese. This will be a hard one to share because I don’t think it will last long enough for anyone else to try it. Texture wise, it’s my favorite triple-crème to date. If this cheese were a woman, she would be a little plump, rich, stylish, get along great with your parents, and be an exceptional kisser. She would also be made of milk solids and would start to smell and get kinda melty if you let her out of the refrigerator for too long.


About Ziggy Smallz

I rarely commit to anything, especially blogging. That is, except eating. I like to constantly taste new things. Whether it's a Bangkok back alley soup stand, or some weird veggie I pickled myself, I want to eat it. Except eggplant, because I'm strangely allergic to it.
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4 Responses to And so we begin

  1. Nicole says:

    This is awesome. Looking forward to following your cheese journey!

  2. Heather says:

    Nice, can’t wait to read about more dairy adventures!

  3. natalie says:

    I ❤ cheese too…. I'm subscribing to this!

  4. Nanci says:

    OMG. I already love this blog.

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